Monday 18 March 2024

 The "Ravens" on their way to success...

CFC's outstanding performers in competitions

Looks like we are blessed with a number of outstanding young talents - leaving a very good feeling for the future of the club. Some recent examples :

Winner of the last Christmas cup 27th November 2023:

Gold for Euan Burke !

Youth Winter Epee Challenge 10th December 2023 :
Silver medal for Euan Burke and the bronze medal for Éanna Connolly !

Excalibur Cup 6th February 2024 :
 Gold for Euan Burke !
Spring Epee Youth Challenge 3rd March 2024 :
Trust me - I am not worried to repeat myself:      Gold for Euan Burke !
Galway Novice 2nd March 2024 :
Gold for Éanna Connolly !
Looks good on Galway colours :

Cool parry ripostes and nice fleché attacks - Éanna managed perfectly to leave the gold in the West :

Thanks a million and congratulation to all of our recent medalists !!!
By the way - one little remark about Euan who also competed on the Galway Novice 2023 vs. all adult opponents (e.g. see one of his actions below) :
He performed very well but was defeated in his 2nd DE match. So he decided to travel the next Morning to Dublin and won the gold in his own age group (Spring Epee Youth Challenge 3rd March 2024, see above). 

Good fun also for our other beginners who started on the Galway Novice 2024:


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