Sunday, 12 August 2018

A new warrior for the CFC
First fights for Luke Roberts !

Nicole is a real challenge for a beginner....  but Luke managed to come close.
 Pretty sure Luke will make his way as an epeeist - good to have him on board !

Street fencing
Outdoor training in Milltown

Monday, the 6th August 2018 : The weather was great - so why not having some fun in fresh air ?

Nicole, Saoirse (right) and me - we had to get used to the outdoor conditions : The sun, the tarmac and the audience....  and then it was real fun !

The spectators were well protected.....
It was a nice training and good fun - thanks a million !

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Prof. Duffy Memorial Team Epee 2018
What a great first team event for our young epee girls !

On Sunday the 28th January 2018 our young epee ladies went into their first team competition at Trinity Sports Center Dublin, hosted by Dublin UFC :
The international Prof. Duffy Memorial Team Epee 2018.

Holly Tailor, Saoirse Moore and Hannah Taylor (left to right) formed a great team.

Tactics before each team match : Bringing the starting list into the optimum order is part of the fun....

Hannah Taylor (right) placing a nice hit.

Holly Taylor (right) answers a fleché from her Hungarian opponent with octave parry and riposte on the leg.

In a good team there is always a helping hand ...

Saoirse Moore (left) : Here succesful against a strong and tall German epee lady.

What a situation !

I can confirm : Such a day is pure pleasure for the coach as well.

(Pictures by : Nicole Bolte and Kevin Moore - our children officers.)

What about our male epeeists ?

Yes, the day before - Saturday 27th January - some of our lads were here as well :


Brendan McHugh had his first competition on this day.
Naoise Kellehen had here his first competition in Ireland (after two years experience in the US).
Rainer Bolte filled up the team -

and we all had our fun as well !

(Pictures from Men`s epee next time - promised !)