Sunday, 19 December 2021

12 December 2021 : The X-mas Youth Cup U14 in Dublin

Joshua Loos: His first competition in Dublin -
and he won it !!!

What a perfect way to finish the fencing activities 2021 for the Connaught Fencing Club:
Joshua takes the gold medal and his first Irish fencing trophy home.

Congratulations !!!

Joshua - well supported and prepared - 
a few minutes before the first pool rounds. Or in simple words:   
The calm before the storm....

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Leg muscles....that's what we need for fencing footwork !

Joshua - a winner also on two wheels !

Joshua won his Mountainbike challenge today and is now the new  

Connacht U12 MTB cross country champion !  

Congratulations !!!



Monday, 25 October 2021

Here we are again....

Great to be back in our hall again !

Still following the required Covid-19 precautions we are happy to be back in our indoor sport :

We had our fun outdoors - and even some of our newcomers were motivated and enjoyed their first lessons and fights in an open tennis court in Milltown. (Mark on the left; PJ on the right.)

But to be honest - now in autumn when the weather is not that friendly and compatible with our electrical equipment anymore - we are happy to be back in our hall in Claregalway:

A nice hit from Ryan (left).....

                                                                                                           .......and a nice one from Joshua (right).

You noticed the interesting colours on Joshua's breeches ? In this important phase - slowly but surely getting our club activities back to normal - we are absolutely happy to welcome this young but already skillful epee and foil warrior from Capetown !!! Can't wait to support him in his first competitions in Ireland.