Wednesday 1 January 2020

Review 2019

April : What`s beeping around here ?
Very simple - but effective : 
Since April our epee students can use this little "device" to get a very clear acoustic feedback during their lections. It consists of a 3V button cell, a piezo buzzer, a 1000µF capacitor and an old epee connector. Just "plug & play" - no further wiring required.
With every hit it provides a loud and clear "beep" signal for about two seconds - pretty helpful for the student to develop a good feeling how to "place" the tip properly.
The power consumption of this little circuitry is very low. So the battery lasts for a year or longer. But - just in case - we always have spares in our transport box. After opening the two screws of the "beeper" they are easy to replace.
Of course we have two of those "beepers" to allow our students practice- "fights" and warm ups.....

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