Monday 8 February 2016

30th and 31st Jan.2016 : Prof. Duffy Team Epee
Our Lady Ravens :   WHAT A TEAM !!!

On Sunday 31st Jan.the CFC started first time with a ladies team on Prof. Duffy Memorial Team Epee Event at Trinity Sports Center in Dublin.

Brilliant fights - a pleasure to watch :

The first hit for the team - scored by Francesca Salina (left).

The same harsh attack - a different opponent : Francesca scores again....

Tactics, patience and precision : Dominique Hance (left) did a great job....

... also in this purely american encounter. 

Power, speed and experience : Lise Blanc (left) filled her role as a team captain and anchor lady perfectly.

Going into the last fight in this team match, 5 hits behind at the beginning : Lise scores 10 hits within 2min13sec - this last double wins it......  cloud 7 for the old CFC coach....  :-)

So at the end - 
look at these pictures and guess what the ranking was :
From left to right : Francesca Salina , Dominique Hance , Lise Blanc

.... and what about the boys ?
The CFC epee team started on Saturday 30th. From left to right: Mark Loughnane, Andrei Barcovchi, Rainer Bolte and Ronan Cranny.

Well, we had our fun ...

- We won the first match in the Morning vs. DUFC.
- We lost our match against Solingen (Germany).
- We won against Pembrook (...not bad ; they won silver at the end of the day...)
- We lost against Trinity.

( ... and hope you are not that interested in reading the small print :-)   

The men`s team ranking at the end of the day ? 
No idea to be honest.
Thanks a lot - it was a great weekend in Dublin !


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