Saturday 10 October 2015

Galway Open 2015 (19/20 September) : What a success !

What a Team !

It was a great weekend for our fighters. At start :

Women`s epee :
  • Dominique Hance
  • Nicole Bolte
  • Francesca Salina
Women`s foil :  
  • Lise Blanc
Men`s epee :
  • Ronan Cranny
  • Andrei Barcovshi
  • Rainer Bolte
Men`s sabre :
  •  Ronan Cranny 

                                                              Mighty opponents :  The calm before the storm.

Unbeatable in her first competition for the CFC:
Veni Vidi Vici - Lise Blanc won ladie`s foil !!!
 A final hit...
 ... and the final handshake. A perfect job done !

And another medal for the CFC !
Francesca Salina ranked 3rd in ladie`s epee !

 Francesca well focused in great fights...

.... showed several times how to parry a sudden fleché attack...

... and to score in close contact situations. What a debut for the CFC in Ireland !

Oh Francesca ! - A nice medal and this smile behind it : The CFC can`t wait for more, more, more......

Focus and coolness in her first competition in Ireland brought her straight into the top ten :
Dominique Hance showed impressive performance and ranked 8th in ladie`s epee.
                      Dominique (left) shaking hands after her fight with later winner of the day Suzie Kane.

Nicole had her fun ! 
Nicole ticked the box: A first win on a competition...

CFC`s best man in Galway :
Ronan Cranny made 6th in men`s epee !
 Ronan (left) succesful also in the club internal fight against Andrei.

Looking good even against some of the best : Here an epic epee fight against Laurentiu Ricuta (right).
What a fleché attack by Ronan : Even Laurentiu in shock...  - but of course dominating this fight. He ranked 2nd at the end of the day.
"... stand up for your fight !" (Bob Marley) : Sorry, not our song.....

Our youngest warrior remarkably ranked 12th in men`s epee
Andrei Barcovchi persuades against strong competitors

Cool and focused enough to place the decisive hits...
... and succesful even against some of the best - here Rory Hayes who came 3rd at the end.

Not really his day - but even the old fencing bag had his fun...
Rainer Bolte ranked 15th in men`s epee

Rainer vs. Duncan Salter : Thanks old pal for this fair and enjoyable fight !

Last but not least : 
Laurentiu and the art of going back to the start line...

We can`t avoid it.
Results overview :

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