Sunday 25 January 2015

Duffy Memorial Team Epee 2015
Good Fun - and a great experience !

1.) The usual long drive from the West to Dublin. 
2.) Perfect accommodation in the Fourcourts hostel.

What a view from the window...

3.) A quick breakfast in the Morning.
4.) A cab to the sports hall. (Well, a bit posh - but parking is a nightmare over there...)

5.) And the CFC "ravens" are ready to go :
(from left to right : Rainer Bolte, Andrei Barcovschi, Peter Mundt)

6.) And how did we get on ?

- First fights against the best team and winners of the day (and we looked fine !!!)
- Then a bit sleepy in the Morning.....
- and fighting like gods ;-) in the afternoon (winning against teams from Dublin and Germany)
- Our ranking : Somewhere in the middle. Who cares ?
- Remarkable : Against the winner team (Geoffrey, Ido and Aimen) we lost 45:24. The silver medalists lost 45:22 against these champs. Any further questions ? :-) Therefore :

Thanks lads !!! It was great - can`t wait for the next event.

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