Tuesday 16 September 2014

A new scoring box !
 A very simple design...

This nicely finished old plastic box - and the fine late summer weather conditions - were leading to the conclusion that we need a simple battery powered scoring box for outdoor fencing. So I spent a few days on it. This is the result :
 Clean lines and easy to transport.

Checking the grounding of the guards or the piste : A yellow LED light shows up.

A score on the left / a score on the right : A super bright LED cluster illuminates the corners.

The backside offers the bare essentials: A golden connector for the battery cable, on / off switch left, test switch for both sides on the right, the black connector for the piste grounding and the two rows of connectors for the left and right cable reels. That`s it.

The base plate includes an opening for the signal loud speaker. And here we can`t hide it anymore : The box was the packaging of a STORM watch.

Ok - not really FIE compliant. But who cares - it`s very robust : No sensitive semiconductors. Just a handful of electromechanics, resistors and capacitors.

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