Wednesday 30 October 2013

Come for the stabbin`- stay for the madness : A great day out !!!
The West of Ireland Open 2013

Mark Loughnane, Roland Hajas and me started on the epee competition on Saturday 26thOct.2013.
My wife Nicole took the videos from most of our fights. (A bit focused on the old man - sorry lads !)

But let`s start with the end :
A remarkable crime story of a final - presented by Eamonn McGrattan and Geoffrey Corcoran :

1st period

2nd period

3rd period

But what about our ravens ?

Early in the Morning - the old fencing bags are still scattered all over the place :

1. The warm up was over - ready or not....

2. First pool - Rainer vs. ???  Sorry, I can`t remember the name. If you know my opponent`s name - please send me a comment !

3. That`s a nice fight : Mark vs. Brendan Masterson - and Brendan made it !!!

4. Rainer vs. ??? (Again, please send me a comment if you know my opponents name...)

5. Rainer vs. Colm Flynn : Jes.., that was tight. Thanks for the lesson, Colm ! - but next time...  ;-)

6. Rainer vs. Richard Adams : With an interruption - therefore here in two parts.

7. Roland vs. ??? (Who is it ? Help !...)

8. Rainer vs. Brendan Masterson


9. Mark vs. Exequiel Monge-Allen (Please correct me if the name is wrong...)

10. Here I am getting in trouble : Mark kicked me out ! He was perfect on my wrist - left me no chance this day....
Well done, Mark !

Overwhelmed by the sheer enjoyment about my former student`s success a towel helped to keep
my emotions under control   X-)

11. But after this "easy going" with me he came seriously under pressure : Mark vs. Maxton Milner
What a footwork ! Our best raven was kicked out here - but anyway : Great fight !!!

For all results please visit the IFF website :

Official West of Ireland 2013 results

The following day Mark also started in the foil competition. Not really his weapon - but from that perspective his ranking as 17th is even more remarkable :

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